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 Respected Insight from Common Goal Customers

Client 4


“Working with Common Goal Productions (Za Smith) puts me in my right creative space.
(Message to Za): You help bring out my best by pushing me beyond any limits I think I have. Of course it’s always good vibes and you're so genuine which is why I will always trust you with my work!! You make me feel comfortable to be myself and I love being around someone who is just as creative as me you’re probably the most musically creative person I know!!"

Client 1


“Working with Common Goal Productions (Za Smith) is like no other, he brings more out of you than what you thought you ever had and he sets a high standard sonically. His services are exceptional and completely affordable. Unlike other producers I've previously worked with, Za actually cares to help each artist bring their vision to life to make a great record, its awesome working with him. I recommend it.”

Client 7

Lino Vizzy

“Working with Common Goal Productions (Za Smith) is always exciting because you never know what to expect. Every studio session has always been professional & at the same time enjoyable.”

Client 2

J Devon

I’ve been working with Common Goal Productions (Za Smith) for about 1 year and some change now, and let me tell you that this is a stand up guy! Anything that I’ve asked him to create, he has done exceptionally well and blessed it. His keen ear for not only hearing things and being able to pitch ideas & not letting you be mediocre is something I appreciate from him. It got to the point where I tried working with others due to him moving, but it wasn’t the same, I actually stopped doing music. That’s how dedicated I am to working with this guy. You can’t beat quality at all. If you want the best then you can’t go any wrong with Za!”

Client 3

Kristal Cherelle

“Za is a talented and hands on producer/engineer/songwriter. He is easy to work with and inspires the greatest from the artists he records.”

Client 5


"(Message to Za) Working with you is a great experience! You ask what is the artist is looking for & do more than deliver. You appease every need given when coming to making the vision or song come to life! While still remaining you as an artist, being able to put your touch on the music is impeccable & a remarkable experience!"

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